E.V. Bishoff Company Lease Application – Individual 5.3.11

33 North Third Street, Suite 500
Columbus, Ohio 43215
614-221-4736 ph
614-221-4739 fax

I/We do hereby consent to and authorize any representative of the E. V. Bishoff Company to obtain, verify and exchange information on any reports concerning me as are maintained by, but not limited to: City, County, State, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, credit reporting agencies, present and/or past employers, present and/or past residences. I/We understand that any information obtained may be considered by the E. V. Bishoff Company in their sole discretion as a factor in decisions made with respect to this application.

Furthermore, I/We hereby release and hold harmless: agents, owners and affiliates of, but not limited to: their officers, director, employees, agents, Law Enforcement Agencies, Credit Reporting Agencies, present and/or past employers, present and/or past residence, its officers and employees that shall provide information to the E. V. Bishoff Company, upon request, from and against any and all claims, demands, suits or expenses arising from or related to the content, validity or handling of said reports.

I/We hereby certify that the information contained in this application for lease is accurate, full and complete. Any discrepancy or lack of information will result in immediate rejection of this application. I/We understand that this is an application for tenancy and does not constitute a lease agreement in whole or part.

Applicant to initial they have read the above and understand.