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E.V. Bishoff Company Celebrates 50 Years of Being the Leader of Leasing 1,000SF-5,000SF Office Space
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Michael Vannest
Marketing Coordinator, E.V. Bishoff Company
December 22, 2016
E.V. Bishoff Company Celebrates 50 Years of Being the Leader of Leasing 1,000SF-5,000SF Office Space
Columbus, Oh – Firmly rooted in the tradition of being Owner-Operated, E.V. Bishoff Company is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary with an eye toward maintaining its dominance in providing for the office space needs of companies needing 1000SF – 5000SF offices in the downtown Columbus Central Business District.
“Making it to 50 years is no small accomplishment in this business,” David Bishoff, president of E.V. Bishoff Company said. “Every moment in the 50 years we have been in business have helped mold who we are today. Every accomplishment we have had, every mistake we have made, it is all part of what has enabled us to craft the organization we have to support the clients of this company.”
Beginning as a third party brokerage in 1966, the company - founded by Bishoff’s father E.V. - brokered deals for some of the largest real estate developers and businesses titans in downtown Columbus. The change from a third party broker to an Owner-Operated commercial real estate company came in 1984 with the purchase of the historic Law and Finance Building located at 85 East Gay St.
With the purchase of 85 East Gay St., the Bishoff’s began to hone their craft in office leasing and management of historic buildings and better understand the needs of the companies they would benefit –specifically those needing 1,000SF to 5,000SF of office space. They developed a plan to attract those types of companies, which included maintenance department, staffed with not just a building superintendent but also HVAC technicians, carpenters, painters along with a reliable office staff.
Furthering their approach to leasing office space, the Bishoff’s began offering many office amenities not found in other buildings. In the early days this included faxing, copying, printing and now includes not just conference rooms, but also Presentation rooms,  telephone service and CoWorking spaces. As office technology needs advanced, E.V. Bishoff Co., recognized the needs of their 1,000SF-5,000SF clients and acted accordingly by creating and providing its own building internet and office telephone system and an online conference room reservation system.
“Clients whose office requirements are between 1,000-5,000 square feet need a level of staffing and service that goes well beyond what all other investor landlords are willing to provide,” Bishoff said.  “They need Support and a system that will support their changing needs.  We have the staffing, the network and the support to service their Facility needs at the level that they require.”
Once they figured out what was needed to satisfy the needs of  small to midsize businesses in Columbus, the Bishoff’s purchased two more buildings in downtown Columbus at 33 N. Third St. and 35 E. Gay they then turned their sights to Pittsburgh and then to Cleveland. Purchasing and maintaining seven high-rises in the Steel City and three in the Rock and Roll Capitol. Using the same template for success as in Columbus, the Bishoff’s attracted many small to midsize businesses from some of the most well thought of buildings in both Cleveland and Pittsburgh. All as a result of building a better mouse trap.   
“Our view is real simple.” Bishoff said. “We assume whatever is in the long term best interest of our client will be in our long term best interest and we have built our business around that very thought.
“You see, it’s not about making a promise that nothing will ever go wrong, that’s a fool’s game. It’s about having the gas in the tank to handle whatever goes wrong when it goes wrong.  In the case of E.V.Bishoff Company, we pay it forward by hiring Building Managers, Equipment technicians, Office Managers, Security personnel and City Managers and we deliver to them a level of technology that allows them to solve whatever issue shows its face.  It’s all built around getting and keeping the client’s business in business.”
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