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How Large Corporations Benefit From Coworking
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How large corporations can benefit from Coworking
Coworking office space, once a haven for freelancers, creatives and tech startups wanting a place to think free and enjoy a craft beer on Friday, is seeing an increase in memberships from large businesses.  In fact, since 2015 the larger Coworking spaces in many of America’s larger markets (ex: New York, Chicago and Washington D.C.) have seen big business clients make up 20% of its membership base. The benefits are clear: modern office design at no cost, attraction of new employees and office cost savings.  

What is Coworking?
Coworking offers its users month to month office memberships in lieu of a traditional office lease. Typically, Coworking spaces offer all the amenities needed to run an office such as internet, phones, desk space, copying and printing services, mail handling and kitchens. In addition, some offer an onsite receptionist as well as recreational amenities such as couches, pool tables, TV’s, board games etc.  A Coworking space also will be designed with a modern urban flare and offer free coffee and free food.

Five reasons using a Coworking space can benefit a large corporation

1.Save money. A larger company can save on office leasing costs by taking a few Coworking memberships for their employees and avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary and unused office space.  Why rent 5,000SF when you can rent 1,000SF? Use the Coworking space for seasonal project space or overflow space.
2. Employee recruitment. The workforce age group is changing. Millennials now make up over 50% of the workforce in the United States. And where do Millennials want to work? Inside an office that is open, free thinking, creative and modern looking (or “hip”). They want to work in an office that looks like Google’s offices. Where can a large corporation find that without the Google-sized cost? Coworking.
3. Networking opportunities.  Being in a Coworking location allows you to work with a variety of industries that can benefit your business. Have a legal question? There is a good chance an attorney is residing in your Coworking office and can help you out. Need tech help? You can bet there is an IT startup working right next to you.
As an executive from KPMG stated:
“Rubbing shoulders with innovative companies helps us to build relationships and networks within a very exciting area of business, and of course helps us to spot emerging trends for the next big tech idea.”
4. Strengthen your PR and marketing game.  A large company on the ground floor with startups will be seen as a valued partner when the smaller company scales up. Showing you were beside the small startups and offering them advice shows you give back to the community you are a part of.
5. Multiple office locations without the high cost. Some Coworking locations, like Club Level CoWorking allow you to have access to the other Coworking locations at no cost. Imagine have satellite offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh for the cost of one Membership.
Coworking spaces still continue to appeal greatly to the freelance and startup demographic however, there is no denying its value to the large enterprises. As the shape of the workforce in the United States continues its shift towards the millennial population the demand for these office spaces will continue.
If you are interested in learning more about Coworking and how Club Level CoWorking can help your company contact us today at 614-221-4736 or info@clublevelcoworking.com.
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