E.V. Bishoff Co.
E.V. Bishoff Co.

E.V. Bishoff Company Escalation Procedure

Service and communication are not just quaint words to us. It is why we are here, why we are successful.

Standard operating procedures at the E.V. Bishoff Company dictate that every service call that comes into our local management office is fielded by our local Office Manager. Their phone numbers are as follows:

  • Columbus : 614.221.4736
  • Cleveland : 216.619.1100
  • Pittsburgh: 412.471.6868

Or you are free to log your request through our web site (Maintenance Requests). Once one of the above takes place we will:

  1. dispatch out to the appropriate Maintenance Tech
  2. log into our Service Software package
  3. follow up on with the Maintenance Tech within 24 hours
  4. follow up on with the Client that registered the service call within 24 hours to insure that they are satisfied.

There are no exceptions to this procedure

We recognize that many of you like to give service orders to our maintenance staff or to the Building Manager when you see them in the hallway, but please recognize that when you do that, a chance exists that the service call will be dropped and we will have no way to follow up on it.

To the extent that you have logged a service request through our Office manager or through our web site and the service level and/or the communication level is not where you believe that it should be, we want each and everyone of you to understand how to easily escalate the matter to the next level of authority in our company.

The first level of additional support is your City Manager. The City Managers' telephone numbers are as follows:

  • Columbus City Manager: 614.448.3582
  • Pittsburgh City Manager: 412.235.6025
  • Cleveland City Manager: 216.255.3913

Your next level of support is to our General Manager: 614.448.3592

Your final level of support is our President by emailing: jallensworth@evbco.com

You should not feel the least bit concerned about escalating any issue. You will be doing our office a great favor by doing so. This is how we know that a ball has been dropped and how we are notified that a need exists from you, our client. Service is our bread and butter. It is why we are here and it’s one of the distinguishing characteristics of holding your office in an Owner Operated Building, so do not hesitate to exercise your right to escalate any matter if you determine it is required.