E.V. Bishoff Company

Bishoff Bonuses



Any business that relocates to the Investment Building, Park Building or to the Diamond Building, the E.V. Bishoff Company shall provide 1 Mbps of bandwidth for every $1,000 in monthly rent that your lease includes. Think about it: If you enter into a lease for $1,000/month, you will receive 1 Mbps of bandwidth free. For a lease that includes a rent of $3,000/month, you will receive 3 Mbps of bandwidth free. This isn’t a “special”. This is part of our leasing program. Additional bandwidth can be purchased for $69/month/Mbps.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

This Bonus does not apply to Branded Space Clients…..you already get bandwidth!!


If you need an office for yourself, and one for your assistant, take advantage of our Superior Office Suite Bonus! When you lease an exterior office for yourself and an interior office for your assistant, we will credit your account $200.00 a month.


Office Leasing MADE SIMPLE


For any business that relocates to the Superior Building or the City Club Building, the E.V. Bishoff Company shall provide up to three parking spaces, each for only $50 a month, for every $1,000 in monthly rent that your lease includes. Think about it. If you enter into a lease for $1,000 per month, you receive three spaces each costing $50 per month; for a lease that includes a $3,000 a month rent, you will receive nine parking spaces, each delivered to you for $50 per month; for a lease that includes a $5,000 a month rent you will have 15 parking spaces at your disposal, each costing only $50 per month.

Talk about Office Leasing MADE SIMPLE!


We have been accused of being different. Guilty as charged. Our ability to pay Brokerage Commissions within 72 hours is but one example of the difference. Contact your local E.V. Bishoff Company office for more information on the many differences that you’ll experience in locating your office in an E.V. Bishoff Company office building.


For any lease signed for The Club Level, Creative Minds or Superior Office Suites, we are offering a free rent special to get your business up and running.

Sign a 12-month lease in any of these suites and get the 13th month absolutely free! It doesn't get any better than that!


When a client of E. V. Bishoff Company that holds their office in an E. V. Bishoff managed office building doubles their contracted monthly rent through expansion, E.V. Bishoff Company will deliver to that client a Rent Credit Reward* in the amount of ten percent of all previous rent paid to E.V. Bishoff Company by the expanding client over the previous 24 months.

Now that's what I'm talking about –Expansion Rewards!

*some restrictions apply


The Good Neighbors Program is an exclusive offer to the current tenants of any building located within a two block radius of an E.V. Bishoff Company building. And, because we know how stressful moving can be, the E.V. Bishoff Co. will even pay the cost to move your belongings. So if you're a neighbor and you want to upgrade to an E.V. Bishoff Company building, it doesn't get any easier than that. Call us and we'll move you into an E.V. Bishoff Company building.*

*some restrictions apply


If your business is like many others, name recognition is everything and having your name in front of your customers and potential customers can be the difference between winning and losing! It is for this reason that E.V. Bishoff Company created our Premier Exterior Signage Program that enables any new or existing client in one of our properties the ability to have their company name or logo installed in one of our tastefully appointed exterior signs. Certain restrictions apply. To understand the Exterior Signage Program for the building that you are interested in, please visit the home page for that building.

Just think….free advertising to set your company apart from the rest! And who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?


Based on availability , for a limited time, lease one of our storage cubes and we would be happy to assist in the moving of your items from your office into your new storage cube at no charge.


Both the Park Building and the Pittsburgh Technology Center are in a Keystone Innovation Zone, which is helping startup companies like yours implement projects thanks to economic development funding.


The standard deposit when leasing office space is an amount equal to the last month’s rent. The purpose of the deposit is to ensure that in the event the premises are not well maintained, or if the tenant has not maintained their financial responsibilities, a deposit will be on hand to handle such events. However, E.V. Bishoff Company realizes that all tenants are not created equal, nor should they be treated equally relative to the security deposit. If you have an established business and if you pass our credit and financial underwriting, you will be eligible for a 50% reduction of your security deposit.

The E.V. Bishoff Company has been in the office building business for over fifty years and is built on creating and maintaining relationships. We further that goal when we recognize those companies that are deserving of being viewed differently with regard to the security deposit. This is yet another way that we stand behind our motto of Office Leasing MADE SIMPLE.