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For generations The E.V. Bishoff Company has quietly serviced the office space needs of its Corporate neighbors. Allow us to do the same for you.

Corporate Services

Customized Corporate Office Solutions

Columbus Cleveland Cincinnati Pittsburgh

  • Customized Corporate office solutions directly from one of the largest landlords in your area. 

  • No listings and no commissions.

  • You are dealing directly with the Landlord!

  • E.V. Bishoff Company offers an entire array of services specifically for its Corporate Neighbors. 

  • Let us know of your needs and our Account Executives will create a solution specifically for your Corporation.

  • No need is to small or too inconvenient.

  • Its all part of our Corporate Neighbors Services!

  For more information or to schedule an appointment to learn more, Arenthous Frazier at 614-448-3595 or email and I will put you in touch with the perfect Account Executive in your area.


 If you would like either other team members to be notified of our Corporate Services, or your contact information replaced with someone else’s contact information, please email and I will see that this takes place.       

Traditional Office Space/Supporting Hub and Spoke Strategies

We offer many traditional office suites in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh that support Corporate America's move towards a Hub and Spoke office strategy. Our suites offer modern office designs inside some of the most historical buildings in
the areas the reside. Additionally, many of our suites features hardwood floors, stylish barn doors, lofted ceilings, exposed ductwork and LED lights.  

Presto! Fully Furnished Office Suites

Designed for Corporate Expansion, Project Space and Immediate Office Space Needs Move into a fully furnished office suite from 1,000SF to 15,000SF without: spending your capital on office furniture, the hassle of setting up and tearing down work stations and installing your network!
Priced at $200 per person, per month, Designed for Corp expansion....................

Office Suites

Superior Office Suites are beautifully appointed, fully equipped office suites Amenities include: handsome furniture, complimentary conference rooms, kitchenette, directory
and door signage; janitorial services; 24 hour
building access. 

Generator Protected Office Space

E.V. Bishoff Company specializes in leasing generator protected office space in downtown Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Northern Cincinnati to support divisions and enterprises that cannot go down.

Data Center space is located in Cleveland and Pittsburgh. These spaces offer full
floor powered shells
4,200SF - 12,000SF  along with Rack Space and Caged Spaces. Included in our Data Centers are Meet Me Rooms, DR and high speed bandwidth access.

File Room Services

Off-site file storage is both expensive and inconvenient. Often times storage providers charge by the box and for each time the box is touched. A more efficient way to handle corporate file storage is to simply lease a file room from E.V. Bishoff Co.

Corporate Term Sheet

The Corporate Term Sheet Program simply creates a custom Term Sheet that sits idle until you determine an office need exists.

It outlines what we will do and the time frame in which we will do it in when called upon. With one call you can get what you need, when you need it, and at a price you already budgeted.

This Term Sheet Program has worked out well for our Corporate Neighbors because it creates a process that takes all of the guesswork, gamesmanship and friction out of procuring office space.


E.V. Bishoff Company understands the need for you, your office staff and your clients. We offer solutions for parking in both Cleveland
and Pittsburgh.

Data Center Space

You Have Needs.
We Have Answers. 

Our network of workspaces in Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati enable your corporation to work wherever you need to be, in a productive, professional environment. Create a workplace that’s right for your business today – and tomorrow – and thrive.

Modern Conference Room
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