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E.V. Bishoff Company Corporate Services

For over 35 years the E.V. Bishoff Company has quietly assisted its Corporate neighbors and Government Agencies with their downtown office space needs.

As a Portfolio Operator with assets in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, we don’t look for listings rather we focus on identifying Corporate and Governmental facility related needs that we can assist with. Once identified, we go to work for our clients.

These needs have historically included:


  • Back Office Needs

  • Project Space

  • War Rooms

  • Data Center

  • Out Placement

  • High Bandwidth Office Needs

Certainly we welcome the opportunity to house the headquarters, however, our place has usually been to quietly support various Corporate Divisions and Government Agencies that appreciate the fact that after they identify their need to us our Account Executives and Relationship Managers will not only fulfill their needs, but will usually see that their office is operational within 48 hours of receiving the order and our management staff and operations personnel will act as their facility department to ensure they don’t have to.

Long term or short term, large need or small need, our Corporate Services Team are there to assist our corporate and government neighbors.