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Data Center, Colocation, Switch Space and Rooftop Space For Lease

Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh

What We Offer!

Antenna Space

For years E.V Bishoff Company's downtown Pittsburgh, Columbus and Cleveland high-rises have been the
choice for the major network companies. Verizon, ATT

and T-Mobile have called our rooftops home to boost

their cellular data coverage.


Additionally, we offer rooftop and antenna space at our

38 building office park in northern Cincinnati - Georgetown Village.

If you need coordinates we are happy to provide these to you so you can easily see if our locations will fill a needed gap in coverage.

Exact locations can be found below or click here

​If you need additional information please contact:

Arenthous Frazier


Downtown areas of Columbus, Cleveland,

Pittsburgh and at the intersection of 1-75/I-275

in Northern Cincinnati


Rooftop Coordinates


  • 815 Superior Avenue E. – Cleveland, OH 41.499805 Lat -81.687093 Long

  • 850 Euclid Avenue – Cleveland, OH 41.499805 Lat -81.687093 Long

  • 1266 Hamilton Avenue – Cleveland, OH (Hamilton Garage) 41.999805 LAT -82.498573 Long



  • 33 N. Third Street – Columbus, OH 41.499805 Lat -81.687093 Long

  • 85 E. Gay Street – Columbus, OH 39.963617 Lat -82998393 Long

  • 35 E. Gay Street – Columbus, OH 39.963358 Lat -82.999717 Long

  • 155 N. Fifth Street – Columbus, OH 39.966217 Lat -82.995910 Long

  • 165 N. Fifth Street – Columbus, OH 39.966353 Lat -82.995935 Long

  • 202 E. Long Street – Columbus, OH 39.965904 Lat -82.995657 Long

  • 6515 E. Livingston Avenue – Reynoldsburg, OH (Blacklick Plaza) 39.942913 Lat -82.821054 Long

  • 1415 E. Hamilton Rd. – Columbus, OH (Hamilton Center) 39.946039 Lat -82.878322 Long

  • 371 Maier Place – Columbus, OH (The Audubon Office Center) 39.95042440 Lat -83.00901930 Long

  • 6100 Channingway Blvd - Columbus, OH ( Channingway Center) 39.938385 Lat -82.830491 Long



  • 355 Fifth Avenue – Pittsburgh, PA 40.440398 Lat -79.998778 Long

  • 239 Fourth Avenue – Pittsburgh, PA 40.439765 Lat -80.001693 Long

  • 100 Fifth Avenue – Pittsburgh, PA 40.441390 Lat -80.002879 Long

  • 322 Fourth Avenue – Pittsburgh, PA 40.438935 Lat -80.000624 Long



  • One Triangle Park Drive ( 17 acres at intersection of US 75/275) – Cincinnati, OH 39.289824 Lat -84.447458 Long

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Neural Data Center/

Switch Sites

With existing built out Switch Sites and Data Centers in both Pittsburgh and Cleveland. E.V. Bishoff Company specializes in leasing data center space in downtown Pittsburgh!

If your needs include Switch Sites and Data Centers in Columbus or Cincinnati we are happy to work with you

on a build-to-suit basis. 

​If you need additional information please contact:

Ray Brahler


Locations in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus

and Cincinnati


Colocation Space

Tired of overly aggressive and restrictive Data Center Colocation agreements where you need to write a check

to the Operator when you inhale and exhale?

Visit our Neutral Data Center sites and see how easy your life can be.

Budget-friendly space in highly secured generator supported buildings

​If you need additional information please contact:

Ray Brahler


Locations in Pittsburgh and Cleveland


Contact us today to learn about all of our availabilities.

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