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Flex Worker
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Work when you want. Get paid in 48 Hours


 EV Bishoff Company is a 55 year old real estate portfolio company that Owns and Operates its property and buys with an eye towards holding its properties for generations.


 As an Owner/Operator, we work diligently at creating long lasting relationships that allow us to move quickly throughout the year in completing hundreds of projects that we have in each of our cities, each and every year. 


 In doing so, we have created a flexible Construction work structure. After a flex worker applies, is accepted, and agrees with the terms and conditions of the Agreement, they are then entered into our system as an Approved Flex Worker.

 The Flex Worker is then introduced to our local Operations manager and when the flex worker can see that he/she wants no less than 20 hours of work, he/she can then contact their Operations Manager for availability of work. Upon the completion of the work, a Flex Worker will get paid within 48 hours. 


 Historically we have found that we are a wonderful client for small to mid-size Independent Contractors that

are client and team focused and enjoy the simple fact that they can obtain work with us. We encourage you to get to know our local Team as they will be your primary contacts. Stop in for a cup of coffee and visit with them when you get a chance.


 After reading the above if you find our program to be something that you are interested in, feel free to apply below or call our office at 614-221-4736 and ask any questions that you may have.




Arenthous Frazier

E.V. Bishoff Co.

Owner Operated Properties

Once you are an Approved Flex Worker

  1. You control your own work schedule. You set the days and how many days you want to work.

  2. After work is completed, You get paid within 48 hours.

  3.  Easy Process: Apply, get accepted, and be able to get to work

  4. ​Steady Gig Work.​ 


Thanks so much for your time. We look forward to working with you.

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