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355 Fifth Ave. Pittsburgh

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Leasing Special

50% Off Your First THREE Months

( Min of 60 month lease at Zone Rate. Exp: 5/31/20)




50% Off Your First Month

( Min of 25 month lease at Zone Rate. Exp: 5/31/20)

A number of wonderful prospects have contacted our office indicating that given the current state of affairs they were uncertain about the commencement date they feel comfortable committing to.


Now you can delay your lease commencement by thirty (30) days at any time before your lease commences if you are the least bit uncomfortable with the commencement date in your lease.

In addition, to illustrate our commitment to our mission of “Office Leasing MADE SIMPLE” we are happy to include a second opportunity to delay the commencement for an additional thirty days. 

Downtown Pittsburgh Office Space 

The Offices

Each office in the Park Building features a modern and stylish design standard included in the office rental package.

Standard Office Design

  • Stylish Barn Doors

  • Glass Enclosed Conference Rooms

  • Glass Enclosed Private Offices

  • Hardwood Floors

  • Exposed Ceilings

The Building

Located prominently on the corner of Fifth and Smithfield  the Historic Park Building offers 300SF-12,000SF of office and retail space. 

Building Amenities

  • Complimentary Conference Rooms

  • E.V. Bishoff Company Management App

  • Community Kitchen

  • Free Food and Beverage Programming 

  • Onsite Management Staff

  • High Speed Internet

  • 24-hour Emergency Maintenance


The History

The historic Park Building, was built by industrialists David and William Park in 1896. The 15-story Park Building is adorned by what Preservationists call “the most beautiful cornice east of the Mississippi”. The cornice detail depicts men in the kneeling position holding up the roofline of the building and is one of the stopping points in nearly every historical tour of downtown Pittsburgh.


Introducing a New Work Space For Creators and Inventors

A Look Inside The Park Building

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