Five Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020

As we begin a new year and new decade many companies are priming their social media marketing strategies. Many businesses are making tweaks to what didn’t work in 2019 and pushing to make 2020 a great year by embracing all that is social media.

While you are implementing your social media strategy for 2020 check out these tips to help guide your planning.

1. Engagement will rule

Instagram will remove the “like” button on their platform this year. This will lead to other social media platforms ditching their vanity button as well. What does this mean? It means that how your users interact with your brand via shares and comments will be the number one metric to evaluate your social media campaigns.

2. Video will be content choice

Brief 30-45 second videos with compelling content will engage the most people. According to martechadvisor.com55% of social media users watch video and video has 1200% more shares than a post with text.

As you are planning your social media campaigns for 2020 make sure video is a key activity.

3. Authentic content will be key to selling

Stories that show people overcoming real problems with your product will be the key to developing authentic content. Planning your content with stories that involve a protagonist, antagonist, conflict and resolution (with your product) will help to boost your sales via social media.

4. Like button disappears

As stated in point one above. The “like” button will be no more on the social channels. Instead only comments and shares will be allowed.

5. 2020 Election cycle will influence social media for 10 years

Major election cycles in the United States usually set the tone for the several years when it comes to social media advertising and engagement. But this year alone will impact social media for the next decade.

As we saw in 2016 terms such as “Fake News,” and “Deep Fakes,” will pepper the landscape forcing social media platforms to shift how the fact check stories from media outlets and candidates. This will lead to drastic changes in privacy practices and how information is presented on each platform.

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