Shop Healthy, Beat COVID-19

When Shopping For COVID-19 Provisions Be Sure To Buy the Right Stuff

By Michael Vannest, APR

Ok, I will be the first to admit I didn’t buy all the coronavirus hype two weeks ago. I thought it was an overblown, overhyped, media-driven hysteria with nothing to warrant the precautions being placed.

Fast forward two weeks and I was wrong about everything. Now, I am the one running to the grocery to get provisions. Stocking up on the necessities to get through the next several weeks. And I am not talking about hoarding toilet paper, or boxed food. I am talking about stocking up on the things that will keep my wife and I healthy and promote a good immune system.

It is important to note that as we all go through these uncertain times together, we need to focus on keeping ourselves as healthy as possible. By that I mean understanding everything about COVID-19 and what government and health officials are telling us and most important - what foods will keep our bodies prepared to fight.

What should I eat and stock up on?

Simple. Anything on the perimeter of the grocery store. This includes fruits, vegetables and meats. Stay away from the aisles unless it is for spices. Trust me, you do not need anything in the aisles.

Now in a perfect world you want to eat non-processed whole foods. However, from a budget point of view that may be hard. If you are shopping on a budget, some, and I stress some, processed meats are fine (i.e. lunch meat) but look for the processed meats with minimal additives and no added sugar.

According to the Center for Disease Control whole and unprocessed foods with no antibiotics or sugar added will provide your red and white blood cells with the added nutrients needed to combat a virus.

Studies also have shown eating the right whole foods will not only boost your immune system but helps increase brain power. How about that? Not only will eating the right foods fight off the coronavirus, it will make you smarter!

So, what do you look for when stocking up at the grocery store? Here is a shopping list.

Simple grocery list to follow

  • Chicken breast, turkey meat, fish

  • Apples, grapes, dates, oranges, and pears

  • Veggies – any and all!

  • Almond milk

  • Water

  • Rice

  • Quinoa

So I purchased this stuff how can I keep it fresh?

Freeze it! Everything in the above shopping list freezes perfectly and will keep for weeks and months. Pressure cooking and canning is another great way to preserve you extra items.

Food for thought tips

  1. Blanche vegetables such as zucchini, squash, asparagus and green beans.

  2. Thoroughly rinse all meats before you cook.

  3. Spaghetti Squash can create a lasting meal for days and feed an army. Here is a great recipe.

What are some sites to get healthy recipes?

Here are my favorite:

Remember shop smart, shop for the things that will keep your immune system healthy. You won’t regret your decision. Use this time to take care and love yourself. We all will get through this and be healthier for it.

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