Business Trends to Know in 2020

As a business owner you know how complicated and competitive the world can be. In order to be successful you have to understand your audience, innovations and technology. With that in mind here are a few trends to be aware of to help drive your business growth in the next year.

1. Content Marketing Will Rule

It is no secret that content marketing campaigns are king. From interesting white papers and how to videos to blogs and infographics, what you present to your audience and how they engage is will be paramount to generating leads and revenue in 2020. How do you strength your content marketing game? You can start by visiting many PR and marketing blogs such as PR Daily, Hub Spot, and AdWeek.

2. Increasing Reliance on “Big Data”

Business results will rely on your company’s ability to decipher “Big Data.” What is Big Data? It is data that is so large, fast or complex that it is impossible to process using traditional methods. You can read more about Big Data here.

Business decisions will rely on “Big Data.” Learning to decipher Big Data on Google Analytics, Amazon Web Services and social media analytics will help you determine the best path for your business’ success in 2020.

3. E-Commerce will Dominate

Online shopping hit a record high in 2019 and will continue to rise into the next decade. Understanding how your business can make it easy to sell your product online will open up a greater market to generate revenue for your business. Set a goal in 2020 to create the online shop for your consumer to simply click and pay for your services offered.

4. Gen Z will be a Primary Customer Demographic

Those making up Gen Z rely on the internet as their source of information more than any other audience. And as they age and make up more of the consumer market, companies must do their best to relate by moving their marketing to a digital platform. Take TikTok, the mobile-centric video platform that has experienced crazy growth in the past few years. With 500 million active users worldwide, it ranks ninth in that category among social-networking sites, ahead of LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.

YouTube has also made digital marketing more accessible to this audience. According to a recent VidMob survey, “59 percent of Gen Z respondents said they use their YouTube app a lot more than they did a year prior,” showing that this market is just getting started.

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