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Eliminating the Age-Old Issue of Boom & Bust!

How We Help

Some industries need the ability to expand rapidly when new business and projects are awarded. 

Architects, Engineers, Media, and Advertising are these industries. 

This creates an inevitable Boom and Bust scenario when the company is saddled with office space that is not producing revenue.

At E.V. Bishoff Company we take away the Boom And Bust issues.

What We Provide

When you locate your office with us, you will automatically be enrolled in our Presto! Office program. Once enrolled whenever you need space for additional headcount we will place them in a fully furnished office environment on a month-to-month basis for as long as you require for just $200 per month per person.

BAM! Problem solved and you just took your office space from a fixed cost to a variable cost all while creating a competitive advantage in your company that your competitors can not duplicate.

Let Us Handle The Boom So You Don't Experience The Bust!

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