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Hospitality Self-Parking Option for Your Guests

The cost of parking can, and does, greatly influence customers choice of hotel. 

At the Hamilton Garage, we offer to our Hospitality Neighbors the ability to enroll into our Self-Park Option for their guests to use. 

In the event that your Hotel does not have a self-park option, or has a self-park option that is more costly for your hotel guests, we will provide a link that can be placed on your website that will guide your customer to our garage where they will have the ability to utilize the Hamilton Garage for their self-parking needs at the current rate of $ 5.00-$10.00 per entry ( depends on the time of day they enter).  Perfect for those guests staying for long periods of time and don’t need the use of their cars.

Eliminates that costly hurdle that Sales needs to get over when selling the hotel.

A complete game changer when selling blocks of rooms and where the cost of parking simply gets in the way of making the sale.

Having this option available to your hotel guests and your sales staff can only help in the sales process. 

To learn more, please feel free to contact our office.

The Hamilton Garage


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