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Times Square Program

Have you ever seen pictures of the beauty and color of Times Square in New York City? If you have, you know how the streets are covered in the color of various companies’ signage. From Kodak to Verizon signs and artwork cover each building creating an artful canvas like no other. Now, E.V. Bishoff Co.,
is creating that same concept with its new Times Square Program. We are proud to offer up an inventory of signage space for you and your company to add a touch of color to Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Each location offers the highest visibility for signage. Have a look at our inventory in each city.  

Contact our offices today and secure your signage space today!


Columbus: 614-221-4736        Cincinnati: 513-878-0824

Cleveland: 216-619-1100        Pittsburgh: 412-471-6868

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