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Your company's private, electronically secured Vault.


815 Superior Ave                    355 Fifth Ave.                       322 4th Ave.
   Cleveland, OH 44114            Pittsburgh, PA 15222        Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Who Are We
Every organization has information, assets, evidence, or inventory that requires being located outside of the headquarters in a Vault with limited and secured electronic access. Think of your Vault as your company's safe deposit box, large enough so that you can actually walk into it.
Rented Storage Space Includes:
- Restricted electronic cardkey access
24/7/365 access to Credential holders
- CCTV cameras in the common areas
- Your choice of key or combo code entrance
- Metal Vault entry doors

- Anonymous/private door numbered identification on floor and on vault
- Proximity reader or cloud-based app entry
- In Vault CCTV cameras
- Fireproof filing 
- Private in Vault alarm system
Manage your vault yourself or contact Vault Management for assistance in pickup or delivery of your vault materials.
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