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Hybrid and Virtual Office Space for Rent

Bringing the Office to You with Our Hybrid Office Space Alternatives

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Are you looking for flexible and effective office space for your business? If so, know that E.V. Bishoff Company provides premium hybrid and virtual office space for companies and their employees.

Whether you’re looking for virtual office space for rent in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, or Pittsburgh, be sure to check out our list of accommodations today.

What You Need to Know About Our Virtual Office Space for Lease

Hybrid and virtual office space is convenient, simple, and cost-effective. Since you will be able to take your virtual office anywhere, know that our amenities include: 

  • Building directory board identification

  • On-floor identification

  • Mail collection

  • Use of conference rooms

  • Drop-in office use (up to 4 times a month)

  • Mail forwarding ($25.00 per week plus expenses)

We want to ensure that your hybrid or virtual office space for lease lives up to your exact specifications. With that in mind, please contact us directly for any additional information.

Virtual and Hybrid Office Space Pricing

Hybrid and Virtual Office Space

Directory board and mailbox services $75/month

Virtual and Hybrid+

Directory board, mailbox services, conference room, and drop-in office use $200/month

Hybrid Work Solutions

Need a little bit of everything? Customize your work plans based on your workspace, meeting, and event needs.

virtual office space

Another Thing Made Simple

Signing up and cost. Fill out the form below and get one step closer to having a virtual and hybrid office!

Why Our Virtual Office Space for Rent Is Ideal for You

Our team at E.V. Bishoff Company is dedicated to providing office space that exceeds your company’s expectations. With over 60 years of experience managing office space, we have the expertise and proficiency needed to supply you with an exceptional collaborative environment while in person, as well as a well-maintained space while you are away.

Additionally, when renting a hybrid office space, some of the benefits you can expect from our physical spaces include the following:

  • Our mobile app allows for quick and simple rentals, bookings, and maintenance at any time

  • The Furniture Depot provides furnishings to embellish your hybrid office space

  • 24-hour security video surveillance provides optimal safety even while you’re away from the building

  • Key card access is provided for secure entrance into your office space whenever you stop by

Overall, the needs and interests of our clientele are our top priority. That is why we are the owner-operator of all of our spaces, and we provide you with a short and easy-to-read lease to help expedite the decision-making process, as well as clarify all of our expectations while utilizing the virtual office space.

Locations for Virtual Office Space for Lease from E.V. Bishoff Company

Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1966, our company has since expanded our office space offerings to Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. So, when looking for virtual office space for rent, you have the flexibility of leasing space from any one of our locations depending on your market and preference.

Looking for Virtual and Hybrid Office Space for Lease? Contact Us Today!

If you’ve been searching for a virtual office space that seamlessly combines an at-home and in-person work environment for you and your employees, trust that our hybrid office space will provide the cost-effective and well-kept alternative you’re needing.

Please contact us for more information, as we look forward to assisting you!

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