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Virtual and Hybrid
Office Space for Rent

Bringing the Office to You

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Virtual and Hybrid Office Space is convenient, simple, and cost-effective. With being able to take your virtual office anywhere, the amenities include: 

- Building Directory Board Identification             
- On-Floor Identification
- Mail Collection
- Use Of Conference Rooms

Drop-In Office Use (Up to 4 times a month)
Mail Forwarding (25.00 per week plus expenses)

Virtual/Hybrid Office Space Pricing

Virtual and Hybrid
Directory Board and Mail box Services $75/mo
Virtual and Hybrid+
Directory Board, Mailbox Services, Conference Room and Drop in Office Use $200/mo
Hybrid Work Solutions
Need a little bit of everything? Customize your work plans based on your workspace, meeting, and event needs.

Another Thing Made Simple

Signing up and cost. Fill out the form below and get one step closer to having a virtual and hybrid office!
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