Five Types of Office Space to Know

When searching for office space there are many options to choose from. Here five office space types to know when conducting your office space search.

1. Coworking

Perhaps the trendiest of all office renting terms is coworking. Coworking spaces have appeared en-masse over the last five years and the trend will continue in 2020. Simply put coworking is an arrangement where workers from different companies and various business owners share an office space. In addition, all amenities including conference rooms, equipment, network, refreshments are shared with workers on a daily basis.

2. Executive Office Suite

Executive office suites offer all inclusive private offices on a smaller scale. These offices typically accommodate two to five people and offer a host of amenities such as higher-end office furniture, conference rooms and internet. Executive office suites also will share some amenities such as kitchens and reception areas.

3. Virtual Office

Virtual offices offers the user an address to receive mail and a phone system but not the physical office space. This type of space enables employees and business owners to work remotely but without the actual space or office furniture.

4. Traditional Office Space

Traditional offices are the most common office environments. These are the private headquarters for your company and the layout provided is for you to set up the way you want. Traditional offices will typically involve multi-year leases with rental prices based on square footage. Landlord buildouts are offered in a traditional office suite but are billed to the client.

5. Hot Desk

Hot desks are essentially rented chairs at a table. A hot desk is typically used by someone who needs a work space once or twice a week. Use of a hot desk usually charged on a daily rate and offers a seat and WiFi connection.

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