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E.V. Bishoff Company Introduces its Corporate Neighbor Program
August 8th, 2016 1:51 pm     A+ | a-
E.V. Bishoff Company Introduces its Corporate Neighbor Program
New Program will focus on assisting neighboring corporations with back office needs, project space, parking, and data center use
Columbus, Ohio – E.V. Bishoff Company is proud to bring it Corporate Neighbor Program to Columbus, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The program is designed to support its surrounding Corporate Neighbors with a myriad of facility related needs including, employee outplacement, data center, parking, back office needs, call centers, file storage, war rooms and project space.
“For 35 years we have quietly serviced the needs of our Corporate Neighbors,” David Bishoff, president of E.V. Bishoff, said.  “As we have grown and as our ability to service our neighbor’s facility needs have grown, this side of the business has become increasingly important to us.”
The Corporate Neighbor Program leverages all of EV Bishoff Company’s downtown office holdings in Columbus, Cleveland and Pittsburgh to provide the support needed to service its Corporate Neighbors.  A team of Account Executives and Relationship Managers are on staff and available to tailor a package based on the Corporate Neighbor’s needs.
“Our Corporate neighbors like knowing that they are dealing with the Owner,” Bishoff said.  “It’s one call to our office and whatever their facility need is, they know its handled. No third parties, no long drawn out processes, no commissions, no hassles. It’s a Facility Manager’s dream come true!”
For more information about the new Corporate Service Program contact 614-221-4736 or go to www.evbco.com/corporate.html
About E.V. Bishoff Company
Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1966 as a commercial real estate development company, the E.V. Bishoff Company (EVBCO) is a firmly established leader in redevelopment of historic central business district office buildings in Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh. The family-owned company known for stellar, responsive service to its tenants boasts a nearly 100 percent retention rate of all of its properties. A rarity in commercial real estate today, EVBCO is the owner-operator. To learn more about the company, visit www.evbco.com.
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