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Commercial Office Spaces for Rent
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Why E.V. Bishoff Company

For over 50 years, we have dedicated our business to making the process of finding office spaces for lease simple. We have an experienced leasing staff who can create the perfect office suite or retail space for you and your business.


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24-Hour Security

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Conference Rooms

E.V. Bishoff Company provides conference rooms at no charge to our clients. Each conference room can be booked online.


Management App

Pay your rent, book a conference room, and file a maintenance request all from your phone or tablet.


Office Furniture Depot

All clients have access to our Furniture Depot to furnish their new office suite. Choose from desks, chairs, filing cabinets and more. Every item in the depot is free.

We provide 24/7 video surveillance. This allows our clients to have peace of mind for the safety of their office suite, clients and employees. 

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Community Kitchens

Fully equipped and stocked kitchens are available for your convenience. Use them for client lunches, company celebrations, or a place to relax and unwind. Community kitchens can be reserved online.

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Break-out Areas

Need collaboration space
for your office? Each of out buildings are equipped with break out space. The break-out space can be used at anytime and for any reason. 

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Card Key Access

We keep our buildings updated with an advanced security system. You and your employees will receive card keys to access the building during off-peak hours.


Food and Beverage

From cookies to fresh made popcorn and coffee to a variety of juices and soda, we keep your energy going through the day with various food and beverage assortments in some buildings. 

What Are You Waiting For?
Let E.V. Bishoff Company Create the Best Workplace for You and Your Clients

What Makes Us Different

Why We’re Your Source for Commercial Office Spaces for Rent

At E.V. Bishoff, we have a variety of spaces available in a number of your favorite cities, including offices for rent in Cleveland, offices for lease in Columbus, offices for lease in Cincinnati, and offices to rent in Pittsburgh. From office spaces and retail spaces to residential and data spaces, we aim to make the process of leasing as hassle-free as possible.

For residential and office buildings for rent, we make things simple by utilizing the following standards consistently:


  • Dealing direct – When you’re looking for a new retail or office space for lease, know that a representative of E.V. Bishoff Company will work directly with you, removing the many problems companies face with distant, third-party brokers or leasing agents whose incentives may not align with yours.

  • A focus on long-term relationships – E.V. Bishoff Company works to foster healthy relationships and establish long-term tenants. We strive to keep our tenants happy, informed and make sure they are fully satisfied with their residential and office spaces for lease through an elevated level of communication.

  • Responsiveness – Our management team is responsive to the needs of those who occupy our properties. Whether you need assistance with an administrative matter or filing a maintenance request, you will have a simple way of communicating and even escalating the matter in the event that a ball is dropped.

  • Experience – E.V. Bishoff Company was established in 1965, meaning we’ve been gaining industry expertise and serving our tenants for nearly 60 years. It also means we have been growing our portfolio of commercial office buildings for rent, which we are excited for you to explore.

We Make Leasing Simple

Other aspects to know about our commercial office spaces for lease include:

  • We are the owner-operator, which is a rarity in commercial real estate

  • Our team maintains a buy-and-hold philosophy

  • Our lease agreements are easy to read, are shorter and easier to understand than what our competitors offer

  • Each month, an office representative will stop by no less than once to ensure your satisfaction in the commercial office space you rent

  • Simple maintenance requests will be completed within one hour

  • All maintenance requests will be followed-up on within 24 hours of completion to ensure that you are pleased with the work

How Are We Different from Other Companies Offering Office Buildings for Lease?


Our philosophy revolves around making the process of finding office space for lease both easy and affordable, and we’re dedicated to providing a host of benefits to our tenants. You will find that working with E.V. Bishoff Company means:


  • No third-party leasing agents, management, or technicians – At our properties, odds are you will see the management and operations staff regularly walking around the building. Call us old-fashioned, but we think it is important for you to see and know the people tasked with helping you. Whether you run into the City Manager or an HVAC technician, be sure to give them a friendly hello!

  • No financial surprises – Your account with us for office space for rent will be charged for rent and other agreed-upon services, but all of these expenses will be clearly stated on your account summary so you can check on them at any time of day. Billing transparency creates trust and reduces frustrations, leading to long-term occupancy and satisfied tenants.

  • No expansion up-charges – Our company offers “rights of first refusal” to the tenants in our buildings, which means you have the right to claim an open space when it opens up. Therefore, when you decide your business has grown enough to expand, you will have first dibs on an open space, offered to you at the same rate as your existing space.

  • No changing of landlords – Since we don’t intend to sell our office buildings and spaces for lease, you can enjoy your space without worrying about your lease agreement changing with a new landlord. We believe in treating our customers well and this starts with effectively maintaining properties long term to ensure their satisfaction.

Along with these aspects, E.V. Bishoff Company provides an array of benefits to ensure you get the most out of your tenancy. From free office furniture and file storage to free on-building signage, we have you covered. We want to help you save your money on extras so you can focus on making your space work best for you.

Get in Touch for More Info on Our Office Spaces for Lease


If you’re ready to work with a company that makes office leasing simple, be sure to explore the opportunities we provide. Contact E.V. Bishoff Company today!


Best Locations

Downtown central business location gives you a prominent business address. Most of our properties are walking distance to many high-end hotels and restaurants. 

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Preserving History

Each one of our buildings are some of the most historical  in our downtown markets. We maintain the buildings to the highest standard and ensure  

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Deep Commitment to Clients

Our promise to our client is to create the most invigorating office or retail space environment that will help

clients run their business effectively and efficiently. 

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