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Cleveland Data Center

2nd Floor

815 Superior Ave
Cleveland, OH 44114


Power and Cooling Infrastructure:

  • Power distribution will be at 480 volts

  • Heat rejection: 80 tons on site

  • Smoke detector connected to fire department with FM 200

  • Diverse connections to three power substations

  • Currently delivers 4,000 amps of load

  • Two transformers supported by an automated switch

  • Nearest substation: CPP Lake Road Substation

Basic Security Measures:

  • 24/7 key card access to ground floor and elevator

  • Security cameras

Utility and Network Connections:

  • Conduits into the building from North and South

  • Multiple network carriers on site

  • Generator on site

  • Pad in place for 2nd generator

  • 23 story Roof access available.

Cost Efficiency:

  • The upfront infrastructure investment is shared among multiple tenants, making it potentially more cost-effective than constructing an entire data center facility.

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Structural Integrity:

  • Exterior is brick and concrete

  • Floor loading at 100-125 lbs/sqft

Floor Space:

  • 13,000 sqft floor

  • 23 story roof access available

Reduced Construction Time:

  • Foundational infrastructure is already in place


  • Tenants can scale their IT infrastructure within the provided shell as their needs evolve, without the constraints of building new infrastructure.

A Look Inside

Floor Plan

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