Five Features to Look For in a Modern Office Space

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

A modern and stylish office is a key to your business' success. Why? Because it will help attract amazing employees, create an engaging environment and bolster creative among your workers.

According to Small Business Trends more and more employees are selecting companies they work for based on the look and feel of their office suite. In their survey, 262 employees were interviewed with 23% of respondents saying the physical work place must foster a healthy environment.

Wide Open Spaces

Private offices be damned, the modern worker wants a modern office and that means bye-bye to the stuffy private office. Open space, with comfortable tables and chairs are now the norm.

High-speed WIFI

This goes without question. WIFI needs to be offered and needs to be reliable. No matter who the carrier or provider may be the WIFI has to be able to handle cloud based programs: including project management software and design programs. In addition, streaming video and music while working all while looking at a smartphone needs to be handled without exception on the wireless network.

Exposed Ceilings

View-able duct work and seeing the natural brick of the building is cool when looking up. Drop ceilings, no cool. If you want a great modern office, you better showcase 12-foot ceilings that looks at the "guts" of the building. Open ceilings also are shown to have psychological benefits as well, this according to Architizer

Conference Rooms with Breakout Areas

Create a boring meeting space and kiss your employees and most likely your business good-bye. Having a conference room enclosed in glass with modern tech equipment like 4K TV's, and video conferencing abilities will give you the perfect meeting place for workers and clients.

Further having adequate break-out space for small learning sessions are expected from employees. Make sure you choose an office suite that offers break out space.

Natural Light

The modern office needs to provide as much natural light as possible. The modern worker is very healthy body and healthy mind conscious and knows that exposure to natural light helps performance. Large windows and skylights will create an amazing amount of natural light to provide the vitamin D needed to produce results.

Do you want that modern office?

If you are in the market for a new modern office to help attract and retain the best employees contact E.V. Bishoff Company today. We offer many amenities as a standard design to create the perfect office environment. This includes: exposed 12' ceilings, hardwood floors, glass enclosed private offices and conference rooms and large collaboration space.

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