Five Tips to Designing a Great Office Space

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

The way your office looks and is designed is just as important as the price you pay for your office and the terms of your office space lease. The design of your office can help attract employees, cultivate creativity and spur production. All of these factors can lead to success with your business.

Here are five tips to designing a great office:

Natural Light

Find an office space that has as much natural light throughout the day as possible. Natural light fosters optism. Natural light helps people see things better. The more natural light there is the better the work environment for your employees.  According to, people who spend more time in natural lighting have increased productivity and alertness.


Stay clean and organized and your employees will stay clean and organized.

Purchase High Quality Furniture

Don’t skimp on this. Spend a little extra capital and get office furniture that is comfortable and durable. High quality furniture inspires employees and helps promote a healthy lifestyle atmosphere.

Create a Welcoming Lobby

You only have one shot to make a first impression so make sure your lobby is comfortable and welcoming. Your intro is your one chance to really impress your client so having a lobby that represents your company is key to business success.

Have open thinking space

The open space concept within an office design is paramount. An open space allows for more collaboration, improves productivity and allows employees to move freely throughout the office. Private offices are great. But open floor plan concepts allow for more free flowing of ideas and a better company culture.

Using these tips you can create an office space design that not only fosters inspiration and productivity to your employees but also can be used as a marketing tool to bring more clients into your office.  

Once you’ve completed your design keep in mind other issues can and will occur and that is why it is imperative to choose an office leasing company who will allow you to focus on your business and your office design while not worrying about HVAC and other maintenance issues.

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