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Superior Building Retail Space

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815 Superior Ave.

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Superior Building Retail Space

When you call the Superior Building ground floor home, you bring your establishment to the forefront of downtown Cleveland. The building is steps from the Hampton Inn and Federal Reserve and within walking distance to First Energy Stadium, Progressive Field and The Q.

Ground Floor retail space

  • 800SF - 4,000SF

  • Over 6,000 apartment units within walking distance

  • Daytime population of 100,000 within a 1-mile radius

  • Perfect for banks, salons, restaurants and retail boutiques

  • Exterior signage locations


Building History

The Historic Superior Building contains 22 floors, and was completed in 1922. The Superior Building currently stands as the 28th-tallest building in Cleveland. The architectural firm who designed the building was Walker & Weeks and the building's design incorporates a set of Doric columns in its base. The Superior Building was one of the earliest skyscrapers to be completed in Cleveland, however, it never stood as the tallest structure in the city; another building also completed in 1922, rose only 7 feet (2 m) taller, and thus captured the title of tallest building in Cleveland.

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