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Office Space

Presto Office Suites

Fully furnished office space located in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh

Presto! Office Suites was developed to create the perfect flexible office environment. Time and time again, when new business was awarded, or when employers wanted to spread employees out, we heard complaints relating to the cost of procuring the required office furniture and office space only to be stuck with both when the new business left or was complete.


If you are awarded more business, need space to spread out existing employees, or simply desire project space Presto! Office Suites are for you!

Pricing Starts at $200/per person per month and can be adjusted each month!

Designed for Corporate Expansion, Project Space and Immediate Office Space Needs

What You Get

  • Your Own Private Office

  • Dedicated Internet

  • Wifi Router

  • Office Furniture

  • Whiteboards

  • Lifetime Office Warranty

  • Lifetime Furniture Warranty

  • Card Swipe Entry
    to Secured Areas

  • Nightly Cleaning

  • Conference Room

  • Kitchen

  • Onsite Facility Assistance

  • Private Offices

Move into a fully furnished office suite without: spending your capital on office furniture, the hassle of setting up and tearing down work stations and installing your network! Office locations in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.