E V. Bishoff Company Helps Revitalize Northern Cincinnati Economy

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

New entrance at Georgetown Village

Over the last 55 years commercial real estate firm E.V. Bishoff Company has stayed true to its niche of revitalizing of stagnant buildings in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Columbus and Cincinnati. The process is simple: purchase older, troubled, and at times, historical, office buildings. Renovate them with an eye towards the future. Then keep managing the property, improving the building with success coming one client at a time.

In each city this process created new opportunities for businesses to bring their companies to the area along with new employees. With more employees and businesses came more opportunities for other business to follow suit and set up shop. E.V. Bishoff Company never looked to the cities or the government to aid in development and never looked to obtaining financial support from others. The company has simply made investments and then worked day and night to make the investments a success over the long haul.

Using this formula for success E.V. Bishoff Company headed to Cincinnati in 2016 with the same goal in mind as they had in the other cities. This time the purchase would be Triangle Park and what became was the multi million-dollar transformation into Georgetown Village at Triangle Park. Three years and untold hours later the 200,000SF, 38 building complex, has seen a dramatic transformation leading to an increase in new clients, adding new jobs and an increased tax base to the northern Cincinnati/Sharonville area, boosting the local economy in the process.

“We saw an opportunity to give new life to Triangle Park and provide a place for companies to hold their office while increasing the employment of Sharonville,” Bishoff said. “With rebranding the park to Georgetown Village at Triangle Park along with creating a new sense of arrival as you enter and adding hundreds of new flowering plants and trees, we gave clients a reason to come here and call this office park home to their company.”

The project began in November 2016 with the purchase of the park. At the time the 38-building office complex had many issues that were neglected and needed to be addressed.

All told it was thought the first phase of the renovation project would take three to five years.

All 38 buildings were repainted. Included in the new painting was a color scheme reminiscent of the magnificent brick buildings of Beacon Hill. New signage throughout Georgetown Village was designed to improve both the sense of arrival into the park and to the individual buildings. Landscaping including new trees, shrubs and flower beds were installed across the multi-acre facility by locally-based US Lawns. Updates to the outdoor common areas included Adirondack furniture and picnic tables along with repainting the fitness trail surrounding the park.

Moving to the interiors of each buildings, E.V. Bishoff Company installed a new Community Kitchen where cookies are baked on Friday and Popcorn on Wednesday. The kitchen delivers a wonderful place for tenants and employees alike to take their break, hold company meetings and entertain their clients.

One of the biggest challenges to the renovations was bringing in natural gas to the premises. Working with Duke Energy, E.V. Bishoff Company spent countless hours surveying the property and developing a solution to ensure the property operated on natural gas.

As the project continued, upgrading and renovating all the office suites became important. Changes included installing new LED lighting in each unit, replacing carpet, adding hardwood floors to various offices, and bringing designer touches such as exterior rail barn doors and floor to ceiling glass to the office space.

“We have worked very hard to bring a renewed sense of pride to the Sharonville property with the renovation at Georgetown Village,” David Bishoff, E.V. Bishoff Company president said. “We love being a part of Sharonville and applaud how easy they have been to work with. We have worked hard to not only give our clients something to be proud of and level of excitement to come to work and conduct their business, but also a sense of community within the office park. In doing so we have developed an asset that is both sustainable and something that we can be proud of for years to come.

“We look forward to seeing where Sharonville and Georgetown Village can go. We will continue to maintain this office park to the highest standards. The next 5 to 10 years will prove to be amazing for both the office park and Northern Cincinnati.”

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