How startups can find affordable office space

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Are you a startup tired of not having a location to conduct business or meet with clients? At some point in every business owner’s life you will need to move your company into a physical office.

Even as the world around us becomes more and more remote there are benefits to having a private office. For one, it gives you a professional space to entertain clients. Also, having a private office helps elevate productivity and allows the opportunity to grow.

As important it is to have your own private office, many start-ups feel they lack the capital necessary to lease a space. All hope is not lost, however, there are many money saving and affordable ways – even free ways – to securing cheap office space.

1. Share with friends

If you know a friend who has an extra office within their small office or a place for you to set up a desk, then you can offer to set up shop and help pay for rent. This will save both you and your friend money.

2. Join a coworking space

Coworking appeals to solopreneurs, telecommuters working for larger companies, freelancers, and small business (both established and start-up). Coworking spaces provide internet access and other services along with desk space at a low cost.

Depending on the location and plan, the desk space may be a seat at a long table with many people working on their laptops, or an individual desk in an open area (as opposed to a private office). For many users, the main attraction of a coworking space is the community aspect.

3. Search for subleases

Subleasing an office is great way to find an affordable workspace. In most cases the business looking for a sublessee is looking for a way to offset cost of a vacant office they are contracted. This means you could find a good space for a cheap amount. You even have the chance to negotiate rental rates as well. You can find subleases on sites such as or on the Facebook Marketplace.

4. Rent a desk

More and more common are companies that offer “desk for a day services.” Serendipty Labscharges as little as $50 per day to rent an office for a day. This is a good option is you need a space to work but only for a few days a month.

5. Head to the library

An oldie but a goodie. Libraries are the perfect place to go and conduct business for free. Most public libraries offer private areas for people to work and have meetings. All you need is a library card and you are ready to go.

6. Create a remote office

Live in an area where there is public transportation? If you do, you can use the bus or train as a place to work. Increasingly, cities with public transportation are offering free WiFi to riders. This gives solopreneurs an opportunity to work in a setting with few distractions while saving money on office space.

Coffee shops are great spots too!

7. Work from home

This one is by far the cheapest. If you have a spare room, garage, or a basement, it’s really inexpensive to use something you’ve already got. You have complete control over the way things look, and your daily commute is merely a walk down the hallway. If you own your home and you have a substantial yard, you can even purchase a large shed and run electricity to it. Your office can be a freestanding building on your own property.

8. Check out a furnished office suite

If you want an affordable private office but don't want to pay to furnish it or sign multi-year leases then renting a furnished office suite on a part-time, full-time or as-needed basis from a company like E.V. Bishoff Company is the route to take.

These companies, which operate in many cities and suburban areas, make individual offices available for rental and provide you with internet and telephone services, shared receptionist, conference room availability, business address, mail receiving and forwarding, and other amenities, depending on the package you purchase.

9. Go to an incubator space

It can be challenging to be productive and professional when you're working out of a basement, playroom, laundry room or office. If you're not ready to rent a commercial space, look for a business incubator program in your area. They offer reduced-cost office space, furniture, equipment, etc. They have incredible resources for tenants and provide a great entrepreneurial environment.

10. Use a virtual office

Using a virtual office is an affordable option because you don’t actually rent space. A virtual office can be as cheap as $50 per month and give you a business mailing address and a phone number that can be forwarded to your cell phone.

E.V. Bishoff Company excels in helping small businesses find affordable office solutions. Visit our website to find out how we can create the perfect office suite for your company at a price you deserve.

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