Get Prepared to Lease Office Space

So you are starting your own business and it is time to rent your first office suite. Are you ready for the challenge of searching for your space? Do you have all the information you need to sign your lease? Do you know what you need before signing your lease?

Renting your first office suite can be nerve-racking task. But while the process can be overwhelming, there are a few things you can do to help prepare for leasing your office suite.

Check your financials

Have you looked at your credit score lately? Typically a good to excellent credit score is needed to avoid an upfront deposit. These deposits could be up to your first month’s rent. A credit score above 700 will keep you from paying a large amount of money upfront on lease signing day.

You check your credit on sites like Credit Karma and avoid surprises when you sign your lease.

Prepare your business plan

Most leasing companies will require you to show your business plan before generating an office rental agreement. Business plan templates are easy to download and write. You can increase the odds of getting your lease approved with a good business plan attached to your lease application.

Know your budget

You should know how much you can afford on a monthly basis before you even begin your search. When you decide on a monthly rate stick to your guns and don’t go over budget. If you can only afford $300 per month then tell your leasing agent or broker.

At E.V. Bishoff Company we offer a rental calculator to help give you an estimate on what your monthly rental rate might run. Visit to learn more.

Prepare for lease terms you don’t understand

Acronyms and long words will litter your lease so best to be prepared for what they mean. You can find a list of common lease terms on our blog. You can also find definition on Forbes, or

Go with a leasing company you can trust

Do your research on the company you are leasing office space from. You want to rent your office suite from a company that treats its clients as customers not as a number. Do your due diligence on the company you lease from and don’t be afraid to ask your leasing agent tough questions.

At E.V. Bishoff Company we believe the customer is our greatest asset. We become a partner you can trust when you lease an office suite from us. If you are ready to start looking for an office space to rent check out our portfolio and let one of our experienced agents tailor an office space for your needs.

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